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5 Transportation Engineering Blogs You Should Be Following

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No matter what industry you work in, it pays to stay on top of the latest developments in your field. If you’re a project manager or engineer working in a transportation engineering discipline, that definitely applies to you. That’s why this week we’ve taken the time to compile a list of some of our favorite blogs along these lines for both your reading pleasure and your industry-wide situational awareness.

While there may not be that many blogs specifically devoted to transportation engineering (which includes railway, highway, traffic, airport and port engineering), there are many blogs devoted to Civil Engineering, which encompasses all those disciplines and more. These resources we’ve compiled below will allow transportation engineers in any specialty to stay on top of their game and keep themselves informed.

So, without further ado…the Top 5 Transportation Engineering Blogs (in no particular order).

(Honorable Mention): The Engineering Career Coach. A general engineering blog that focuses less on the technical side of the work and more on “soft skills” engineers of any discipline can use to improve their work. Also includes valuable advice for engineers looking to land lucrative new positions and make strategic changes in their careers.

5. Civil Engineering Blog. A great blog for those working in various transportation engineering fields. This website offers insight into the state of different industries, safety tips and career advice for engineers, as well as useful information and helpful resources for project managers. There is also a special section in the drop-down menu dedicated to highway engineering, an important, specialized field within transportation engineering.

4. Railway Technology. Must-read transportation engineering blog specifically aimed toward those working with locomotive systems. A comprehensive online resource with news and technical information about railway systems, infrastructure projects, market data, new innovations and much more relating to both passenger and freight rail. The website also offers a wide variety of free reports and videos, and company directories to help you expand your knowledge and stay on top of opportunities and challenges as they arise.

3. Civilax. This might be one the biggest and most useful civil and transportation engineering blogs on the web. With around 75 updates per week, Civilax is a massive online resource that allows licensed engineers as well as students to gain access to instructional texts and videos, EBooks, white papers and spreadsheets. Subscribers are even able to download software that will help them do their jobs better and expand their knowledge.

2. The Engineering Daily. One of the best resources for all things related to transportation engineering and other sub-disciplines of civil engineering is The Engineering Daily. This blog serves as a one-stop shop for developments related to civil engineering, cool projects happening around the world as well as a plethora of useful information and interesting facts about relevant engineering fields. There’s also a job board and directory that lists contact information for firms across every engineering specialty. Covers pretty much everything you could look for in a news-oriented transportation engineering blog. Highly recommended.

1. You’re already here! If you want to build a high-quality transportation engineering blog, it helps if you are already a player in the game. At Novel, we are on the cutting edge of developments in many forms of transportation engineering. We provide solutions to enhance the safety of railway systems, as well as Independent Verification and Validation, consulting and powerful systems engineering services to improve quality and keep projects on track and under budget.

Check out these valuable civil and transportation engineering blogs we’ve listed above, and don’t forget to subscribe right here for exclusive reports from Novel and more!

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