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How Signals Intelligence has Changed Modern Warfare

Posted by Novel Engineering on December 5, 2017

Gaining valuable and actionable intelligence is important in both war and peacetime, and perhaps no intelligence discipline has seen such rapid advancement over the past 100 years as Signals Intelligence (SIGINT). In this article, you’ll learn what signals intelligence is, how it has evolved and changed the nature of modern warfare, and how we’re helping warfighters and decision-makers enhance and perfect their signals intelligence capabilities.

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What is C4ISR?

Posted by Novel Engineering on January 11, 2017

When it comes to achieving a desired end state on the battlefield, the key factor that makes all the difference, in the end, is information. Is the information that is available to commanders and decision-makers accurate? Is it relevant to the situation at hand? Is it getting to the right people, and are they getting it when they need it? Are government and military decision-makers able to send, receive and assess information quickly, and collaborate with one another effectively to achieve the mission? Effective systems and procedures must be put into place in order to make this possible.

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