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Resource Augmentation: The Right Staff at the Right Time

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Every ambitious company gets there sooner or later. Maybe you’ve landed a major client and are growing faster than anticipated, or perhaps there’s a major project that requires skilled staff you just don’t have. Resource augmentation can be just the right fit for companies who find themselves in such positions. Let’s take a look at how bringing in outside talent can help your organization perform at a higher level, and build a more capable team.

Resource Augmentation Allows You to Focus on What Really Matters

Let’s face it— hiring can be a trying process. You list an open position, and you’re deluged with dozens of applications and resumes, all from hungry, eager candidates aiming to prove they and they alone are the right choice for the job.

Filling one opening is challenging enough. If your organization is in a new phase of growth, you may have to bring in many new people at once, and if the job requires very advanced, specialized knowledge, the chances are good that you’ll be spending a lot of time rejecting applications from unqualified candidates.

Bringing in an outside agency or recruiter to assist in your search seems like the logical solution, but in highly technical industries, it’s just not that simple. In addition to the difficulty in finding a candidate with the right skills and specialized knowledge, you may find yourself dealing with agencies and fly-by-night technical recruiters who are more concerned with closing a contract (and getting their commission) than whether or not that candidate is the best fit for your needs.

And let’s not forget about the financial risks; even if a candidate is not a direct hire, a bad hire can still cost tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially in technical industries where the costs of a mistake can multiply rapidly.

When done properly, however, resource augmentation can be a godsend for organizations in any industry, but especially for engineering firms and other high-tech companies. Why? Because it allows your organization to focus on its mission instead of the challenges that come with trying to locate and vet high-quality staff.

Why Not Just Outsource the Project?

Outsourcing a project may be a good option in some cases, but there are many advantages to opting for resource augmentation instead.

Bringing in outside talent for a specific project can lead to greater cohesiveness in your workforce because your existing staff work alongside them and get to know them. Outsourcing a project entirely can sometimes lead some existing team members to worry that not only future projects but whole jobs (like theirs) could be outsourced as well.

Choosing to augment your staff also sends a different message; instead of replacing your workforce with someone else at a different location, you’re demonstrating a commitment to making them more successful by bringing in someone new to help with their specialized skills.

They may feel less threatened by resource augmentation because they perceive that their organization has confidence in them. This allows organizations to leverage the skills of their pre-existing staff as well as augmented talent in an efficient and integrated way.

Resource augmentation also allows an organization to have more direct, hands-on communication with their new recruit, and avoid many of the complications that can come with outsourcing. An individual brought in to augment existing staff can probably acclimate to the internal policies and procedures of an organization in much less time than it would take for two separate organizations to align their processes together on a project.

Partner with a Resource Augmentation Supplier You Can Trust

As a supplier of high-quality engineering solutions, we understand how challenging it can be to find skilled and qualified technical staff. That’s why we assist organizations in finding the best outside talent to augment and strengthen their teams. We take the time listen to your concerns and gain a deep understanding of your needs and goals and provide you with exceptional Contract, Contract-to-Hire, and Direct Hire candidates. Contact us today to see why working with Novel is different.

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