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Novel Engineering Launches Remora™ Data Acquisition & Communication IoT Product

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Novel Engineering is excited to announce their first product for data acquisition and communication.


By: Kelsey McMullan
Marketing Specialist
Novel Engineering, Inc.

Remora™ - Data Anywhere

Cocoa Beach, FL - January 20, 2015 Remora™ is an affordable, adaptable Internet of Things (IoT) product that functions as a fully customizable, sensor-based data acquisition device. Remora™ is designed to adapt to any sensor needed to collect environmental, real world data. This data is transmitted securely to an encrypted cloud-based storage. Once stored, back-end processes analyze the data.

  • Completely customizable for all types of inputs including but not limited to geolocation, audio, video, and environmental data
  • Superior expertise, workmanship, affordability, and customer service using all US, Non-Foreign engineers
  • Continuous and secure cloud data storage and analysis

Data Collection Front End

Remora™ is always the “right tool for the job” because of its customizable nature. Remora™ has been designed as a platform and can be configured to capture specific data for analysis, or to capture general data that can then be correlated to find previously unknown connections. Its configuration possibilities are unlimited, lending RemoraTM all-in-one affordability. Remora™ can also be programmed to trigger event based upon input stimuli conditions of interest as identified by back end processing. Specific examples include:

  • Temperature, Salinity, Algae Blooms, Dissolved Oxygen, and Chemistry of our nations water ways.
  • Number of Cars, People, Passengers, etc. through an intersection.
  • Thermal Infrared spectral data from aerial maps.
  • Monitoring and Predictive Interference in Aerospace, Transportation, and Military vehicles, Other Machinery.

The Remora™ platform includes the ability to connect and transmit data back to the cloud out of the box using a variety of methods including cell, WiFi, and Satellite.

Advanced Analysis Back End

Remora™ cloud stores its data in a purpose built database (MongoDB) that is designed to run on cluster servers to support Big Data Analysis. These analysis include statistical analysis including Principal Component Analysis, Correlations and Co-Correlation Analysis, and Map Reduce at a minimum. The choice in Database allows Remora™ to grow dynamically as more input data sets and vectors can be analyzed. The more seemingly unrelated data can be joined into the database, the more correlations can be discovered.

Real World Big Data

In the past several years, internet companies have discovered the powerful abilities to correlated user provide data in the internet. This data can be used to identify data patterns in personal relationships, buying trends, personal interests, etc. For the most part, this data has been scraped or provided entirely from internet user provided data. This data is willfully provided by filling out forms, buying goods and services, visiting websites, or simply searching in a popular search engine. Correlation can provide business to sell targeted goods and services to users.

Remora™ aims to become the platform used to provide data collection, storage, and analysis of “Real World” data. This is the complement of what large companies are currently doing “online”. Remora™ will allow the creation of solutions to problems that may not even be known in our “Real World”.

If you like to know more about Remora™, please contact Ken Bupp, or call (321) 392-0911.

About Novel Engineering

Novel Engineering offers the highest quality and most reliable software, embedded electronics, and systems engineering services across multiple industries. With having expert knowledge in the complete development lifecycle, Novel can help companies achieve product actualization beginning at any stage of involvement.

For additional information on Novel Engineering contact Kelsey McMullan at (321) 392-0911 or visit www.Novel.Engineering.


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