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Misty Marot - SCB Magazine's "Women in Business"

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Source: Spacecoast Business Magazine - Marissa Pietrobono | MELBOURNE, FL

MISTY MAROT'S SKILLS in leadership and extensive experience in behavior analysis, combined with her husband's experience in the engineering industry led her to start her company Novel Engineering, where she serves as the company's CEO, owner, co-founder and chairwoman.

A graduate of Florida Institute of Technology, she spent most of her postgraduate career in applied behavior analysis customizing various environments to maximize motivation and learning among individuals and groups. Marot is passionate about applying the research of Behavior Analysis to her organization, called performance management (a subset of organizational behavior management).

On top of being a successful businesswoman, she and her husband, Christopher, have two children, Cole and Caia. For Marot, balancing motherhood with running a business has proven "challenging at times but well worth it." She says, "These days, there is a great deal of data that supports a healthy life-work balance, and I think that most people can appreciate and respect that. I try to keep my work at work and devote myself to my family when I am not at work, but it's definitely not perfect. Occasionally my kids are at the office or I have to bring work home and I think that's OK."

The goals Marot has for her company include maximizing workplace efficiency, learning, motivation and, thus, performance, while maintaining lasting results. She is committed to the satisfaction of her customers and the Novel Engineering team as well. She credits the key to enjoying her work to being with people she works with. "I have the privilege to work with some of the best and brightest people in Brevard County. In addition, I get to interact with some of the strongest leaders in the area on a daily basis. I believe that your integrity is your most valuable asset. I try to lead my team openly and honestly. I do this with transparent decision-making, open communication, and staying engaged throughout the business."

Marot, a board certified behavior analyst, additionally reads and follows the teachings of Dr. Aubrey Daniels to continue developing and strengthening her skills in leadership and mastering the subsets of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM), which include systems analysis, performance management, and behavior based safety. Florida Institute of Technology has recently begun offering certification in OBM which she and other leaders in teh company plan to pursue as well.

She does not believe that her gender holds her back, explaining, "I think that some women, even today, are led to believe that their gender could hold them back. I don't find that to be true for me. I believe my actions have resulted in success."

When it comes to ways in which women in the workforce are changing American business culture, Marot says, "Women can sometimes bring unique perspectives and approaches to leadership and business. These skillsets can broaden the way we problem solve, innovate, build and manage an organization." If she could go back in time, she says she isn't sure what, if anything, she would do differently. "Everything I've done has led me to this point. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be in this seat."

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