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The Impact of Sensor Technology on Railway Safety Systems

Posted by Novel Engineering on April 13, 2017

Railways have served as the land-based veins of global commerce and transportation since the early 1800s. As with every great leap forward in technology, new challenges and risks arose as well. Every railway engineer’s worst nightmare is a collision or derailment. Oftentimes these tragedies can be linked back to human error.  Railway engineers began to ask themselves: what can be done to help reduce this problem?

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Novel CEO, Misty Marot, Receives weVENTURE Women Who Rock Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Posted by Novel Engineering on March 13, 2017

On March 14, 2017, Misty Marot, CEO and President of Novel Engineering, will receive the weVENTURE Entrepreneur of the Year Award at their annual Women Who Rock luncheon. As announced by weVENTURE, “this award recognizes a female who creates the products, services, and jobs that fuel our economy and helps our community grow.” After launching Novel Engineering in 2013, Misty strategically grew the company, creating more than 30 professional, high-paying jobs. Novel recently acquired Riverside Technical Services, which expands Novel’s ability to serve the community by providing high-skilled positions in the fields of engineering and technical support.

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How Does MBSE Save Time & Money?

Posted by Novel Engineering on March 2, 2017

Every project manager or system engineer’s goal when beginning a new job is to complete the project under budget, and ahead of schedule. Going in, you feel confident; you know you’ve got great people on your team, realistic expectations from your client, and a budget that appears to meet your needs.

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Are You Dragging Dead Weight from Your Legacy Systems?

Posted by Novel Engineering on February 14, 2017

Across all industries, legacy systems are a fact of life.  New systems and technologies are adopted, each of them promising to be the magic bullet that solves all the company’s problems. But over time, those systems begin to outlive their usefulness and become incompatible with newer systems, or changes in company strategy. It’s very common for a system that was once seen as a solution to become a hindrance over time.

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Taking Flight with Safety-Critical Embedded Systems

Posted by Novel Engineering on January 31, 2017

Flight is one of the miracles of modern life. It has made the world a smaller place, allowed human beings to travel from one side of the Earth to another in less than 24 hours, and helped usher in an integrated, globally connected economy. It’s also an essential component of military activity around the world. Such complex and expensive machines require sophisticated safety-critical embedded systems in order to function properly. In this article, we’ll explain how these systems are put to work in aviation applications.

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