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Was your train on time? Thank a Railway Systems Engineer

Posted by Novel Engineering on August 8, 2017

Railway systems engineering is a vital, yet underappreciated profession. Each day, tens of millions of people rely on intercity and commuter rails to get them to work on time, yet so few understand the labor and expertise that goes into making it all possible. Today we’re going to explore what makes railway systems engineering such an important and unique discipline, and how these engineers put their knowledge and skills to work every day to get people and freight to their destination safely and on time.

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3 Ways MBSE Helps You Ship On Time

Posted by Novel Engineering on April 25, 2017

Deadlines are what makes the world go around. Without honoring them, projects go over budget, products don’t make it to market when they should, customers become frustrated, and businesses go under.

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4 Key Traits of a Successful Systems Engineer

Posted by Novel Engineering on April 21, 2017

A systems engineer is one of the most important roles on any high-tech/industrial project, and it can be an exciting and fulfilling career for the right kind of person. But who is the right person for this job? What sort of person succeeds in this role? What are the personal attributes that help a systems engineer excel in his or her career? We’ve compiled a list of the 4 key traits that characterize successful systems engineers across any industry.

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3 Telltale Signs You Should Invest in Independent Verification and Validation

Posted by Novel Engineering on April 18, 2017

When developing any new product or system, engineers need to check and make sure they are on the right track. It seems like a pretty basic concept, but across all industries, so many projects go over budget and so many subpar products go to market when they shouldn’t because the project manager failed to incorporate proper verification and validation.

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The Impact of Sensor Technology on Railway Safety Systems

Posted by Novel Engineering on April 13, 2017

Railways have served as the land-based veins of global commerce and transportation since the early 1800s. As with every great leap forward in technology, new challenges and risks arose as well. Every railway engineer’s worst nightmare is a collision or derailment. Oftentimes these tragedies can be linked back to human error.  Railway engineers began to ask themselves: what can be done to help reduce this problem?

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